Can you Find Jesus?

The Little Black Dress: Essentials for Life

This is a story I think is amazing! It reminds me that God will answer your questions if you ask. Take time to read this and see if you can see Jesus in the picture.

As I was growing up, my folks had this picture hanging in our living room. It’s called “Jesus in the snow”. There was a piece of paper taped on the back side of the picture that told the story of how the picture came about.

It seems there was a Chinese photographer who was deeply troubled spiritually. He had been witnessing a great movement towards Christianity among his friends since the Japanese invasion. He longed to know the truth of what he had been hearing from Christian missionaries. As he rode along he said, “Lord, if I could only see your face, I would believe.” Instantly a voice spoke to his heart, “Take a picture. Take a picture.”

As he looked…

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INNHM Project Care

Duane and Jeanne Gill, through INNHM (International New Hope Ministries) feel led to minister to the families around them in three of the favelas (aka slums) of Contagem, Brazil, through providing packages of food and clothing to the poverty stricken people living there. With your help, they will provide packages for children that contain a skirt and top for girls orFavela shorts and top for boys, a chocolate milk or juice box, cookies, cheese and crackers, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, and hair clips (for girls). For families they would like to provide a package including a 1kg bag of rice, a 1 kg bag of beans, 1 package of pasta, coffee, sugar, and crackers.

Their goal at this time is to provide 400 packages to the families in the favelas near them. To achieve this goal they will need to raise approximately $2,500 CAD. They invite you to join them in this fund raising effort so that these families will benefit physically but also spiritually because as they deliver the packages to each family they will also deliver the Good News of Christ.

They are looking to continue this project on an ongoing basis.

Please join Duane and Jeanne as they reach out to those in poverty around them in Brazil to meet their physical and spiritual needs.

Link to website to donate INNHM Project Care


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Christmas Card

Small postcardChristmas20126x5 smPlease Click Christmas Card.

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Police in Sao Paulo

Please pray for the police in Sao Paulo. Over the past few months police men have been killed by drive by shooting and other ways. In the past couple days 6 police men have been murdered.

This has become closer to us as we know the family of one of the officers. He was the son inlaw of a pastor we know, and he leaves behind a 4 month old daughter and his wife. Please keep them in your prayers.

Every weekend there are more officers murdered please pray for Sao Paulo and all of Brazil, that the officers would be protected.  I want to see them have a chance to give there lives to God!! Many years ago I was taught two wrongs do not make a right. So brothers and sister let’s pray for a revival in the police of Brazil.


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Fellowship of the Brethren.

Joao in a red phone box in Valletta, Malta.

Why not make the call and bless a someone today with a word of encouragement! (This is a picture from the internet. we do not know this person.) 🙂

As the sister of a missionary, I miss being able to give my brother and his family hugs. I miss seeing them and watching their kids grow up. Yes, with the internet, which I thank God for, we can stay in contact much easier than we could in the past; but I still miss the getting together part. Just before they left ,we spent time with them at the cabin a couple of times; and it was such a blessing. In the Bible Paul talks in Philippians about missing people. He was off working for the Lord and was missing the fellowship of his brethren.

 Philippians 4:1 AMP THEREFORE, MY brethren, whom I love and yearn to see, my delight and crown (wreath of victory), thus stand firm in the Lord, my beloved.

We get so busy in our lives that we forget there are Christians all over the world needing a word of encouragement, by phone or email. They are in battles of spiritual warfare that only God can help them through. I know I could probably take more time to pray for them and let them know we are praying for them.

Texting and non-talk forms of communication have become a big part of our lives. I think they have a place but sometimes hearing the voice of a friend or family member is an encouragement in itself. So I challenge those you reading this blog, that next time a missionary come to mind, to stop and pray for them, I know God has put them on your mind for a reason. Give them a call, as even 5 minutes on the phone is a blessing, to someone so far away from their home.

Thank you for the support and prayers that you have given Duane, Jeanne and their family .

I want to mention while on the topic that they have an Edmonton, Alberta phone number in Brazil. So local calls in Edmonton and surrounding area are free and areas outside of Edmonton area your long distance rate apply from your location to Edmonton.

Thank you for caring – they would love to hear from you!

Written by Amanda 🙂

Duane and Jeanne’s contact info.


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INNHM Mission Video

Song in Video by Crystal Lewis – Lean On Me (with Kirk Franklin)

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I just want to thank everyone for your prayers, we feel them and see God’s hand of protection on our family as we go places here in Contagem. Once again thank you for all your support and for taking time to write us a message, it means a lot to us.

God bless you all

The Gill family in Brazil

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Please keep Duane, Jeanne and the children(Jullyanne, Danniel, Dyllann)in your prayers as they are moving and it is 35 -38 degree celsius. So it is very hot right now where they are staying. Pray that God’s strength be upon them and lifting them up in this time of moving.

It would be nice if  you could reach out to them with a word of encouragment on their blog, by email or by phone. Moses was instructed by God to encourage Joshua. So if we are to imiate what God instructs us to do we to need to encourage missionaries, leaders and pastors.

Deut 3: 28 says, But command Joshua, and encourage him and strengthen him; for he shall go over before this people, and he shall cause them to inherit the land which you will see.’

As Christians I believe we should be using the technology we have to uplift those serving the Lord in the mission field. So if you know someone who is working in another country away from their family and freinds, drop them an email, or if they have an internet phone give them a call. I am sure they would love to hear from you.

Written By Amanda


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Feburary Up-Date

Dear Supporters;
Hi and how are you all doing? We are settling in here in Contagem, MG and we have found a church to call home. We are getting set-up in our apartment, we have some of our furniture, and the kids have started school. Jullyanne is enjoying being back in a school with other kids, an the boys have started school too and they are liking it a lot. The kids have had to do some walking to get to school but we are going to look into bussing them as 2 km one way is a little much for them. It is up hill both ways. We are getting involved with the missions team at the church we are going to, and looking at opening a English school at the church for people that can not pay to go to English school as a way to do out reach. We had started a English Bible study as a way of teaching English but it has not started up again yet. We have a lot of things on the go but it takes time to start thing’s up. A few things to believe with us for are a car, more open doors, sponsorship so we can do what God as called us to do.
God bless;
International New Hope MinistryDuane Gill
PresidentPhone: (780) 800-8055

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Awesome Night With God

We had an awesome night with God!!! We went to a church about an hour out of Natal and Jeanne sang and I preached. It was awesome the way God works. We had the opportunity to pray with about 100 people or a little more. They normally have about 15 people on Tuesday night. Thank you Lord for what you are doing and going to do.

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