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Inline Hockey in Brasil.

Boy Inline Hockey.

Duane with the Boys Inline hockey team in Contagem Brazil with Ame Menor a ministry

I would like to tell you a little about what we have been called to do. God has called us to work with unwanted street kids and babies in Brazil. We are going to be working in Contagem Brazil with Ame Menor a ministry that works with boys from the street. They teach them inline hockey and tell them about God.

Playing Hockey!

Playing Hockey!


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Pray for Samuel

Samuel he is 2 years old

This is a picture of Samuel he is 2 years old and from the orphanage. He is in hospital with because of this desease. Please pray for his full healing.
Kala azar
What is Kala Azar?
Kala azar (Visceral Leishmaniasis ) is a deadly disease caused by parasitic protozoa  Leishmania donovani,  transmitted to humans by the bite of infected female sandfly, Phlebotomus argentipes. It lowers immunity, causes persistant fever, anemia, liver and spleen enlargement, loss of body weight and if left untreated, it kills. The vector thrives in cracks and crevices of mud plastered houses, poor housing conditions, heaps of cow dung, in rat burrows, in bushes and vegetations around the houses.

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