Feburary Up-Date

Dear Supporters;
Hi and how are you all doing? We are settling in here in Contagem, MG and we have found a church to call home. We are getting set-up in our apartment, we have some of our furniture, and the kids have started school. Jullyanne is enjoying being back in a school with other kids, an the boys have started school too and they are liking it a lot. The kids have had to do some walking to get to school but we are going to look into bussing them as 2 km one way is a little much for them. It is up hill both ways. We are getting involved with the missions team at the church we are going to, and looking at opening a English school at the church for people that can not pay to go to English school as a way to do out reach. We had started a English Bible study as a way of teaching English but it has not started up again yet. We have a lot of things on the go but it takes time to start thing’s up. A few things to believe with us for are a car, more open doors, sponsorship so we can do what God as called us to do.
God bless;
International New Hope MinistryDuane Gill
PresidentPhone: (780) 800-8055
Email: duane@innhm.org

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  1. Janelle

    Hi Duane and Jeanne and family: Hope your move is going well. I can’t imagine having to do a move in such heat! It is hard to imagine heat like that with the weather we are having now… snow and below freezing for the past week. We sure missed having your family at the family reunion this summer. May God bless your work and give you strength for each day!
    John and Janelle Knutson

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