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INNHM Project Care

Duane and Jeanne Gill, through INNHM (International New Hope Ministries) feel led to minister to the families around them in three of the favelas (aka slums) of Contagem, Brazil, through providing packages of food and clothing to the poverty stricken people living there. With your help, they will provide packages for children that contain a skirt and top for girls orFavela shorts and top for boys, a chocolate milk or juice box, cookies, cheese and crackers, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, and hair clips (for girls). For families they would like to provide a package including a 1kg bag of rice, a 1 kg bag of beans, 1 package of pasta, coffee, sugar, and crackers.

Their goal at this time is to provide 400 packages to the families in the favelas near them. To achieve this goal they will need to raise approximately $2,500 CAD. They invite you to join them in this fund raising effort so that these families will benefit physically but also spiritually because as they deliver the packages to each family they will also deliver the Good News of Christ.

They are looking to continue this project on an ongoing basis.

Please join Duane and Jeanne as they reach out to those in poverty around them in Brazil to meet their physical and spiritual needs.

Link to website to donate INNHM Project Care


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