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Hi I am a contractor that does finishing and painting, but have experiance in many areas of construction. I am also a missionary working in Brasil with English as a second language teaching about God when i get an opening, we are going to be opening a English/Portuguese church in time. I am also a minister from Missiao Evangelica Pentecostal do Brasil.

Can you Find Jesus?

The Little Black Dress: Essentials for Life

This is a story I think is amazing! It reminds me that God will answer your questions if you ask. Take time to read this and see if you can see Jesus in the picture.

As I was growing up, my folks had this picture hanging in our living room. It’s called “Jesus in the snow”. There was a piece of paper taped on the back side of the picture that told the story of how the picture came about.

It seems there was a Chinese photographer who was deeply troubled spiritually. He had been witnessing a great movement towards Christianity among his friends since the Japanese invasion. He longed to know the truth of what he had been hearing from Christian missionaries. As he rode along he said, “Lord, if I could only see your face, I would believe.” Instantly a voice spoke to his heart, “Take a picture. Take a picture.”

As he looked…

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Police in Sao Paulo

Please pray for the police in Sao Paulo. Over the past few months police men have been killed by drive by shooting and other ways. In the past couple days 6 police men have been murdered.

This has become closer to us as we know the family of one of the officers. He was the son inlaw of a pastor we know, and he leaves behind a 4 month old daughter and his wife. Please keep them in your prayers.

Every weekend there are more officers murdered please pray for Sao Paulo and all of Brazil, that the officers would be protected.  I want to see them have a chance to give there lives to God!! Many years ago I was taught two wrongs do not make a right. So brothers and sister let’s pray for a revival in the police of Brazil.


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I just want to thank everyone for your prayers, we feel them and see God’s hand of protection on our family as we go places here in Contagem. Once again thank you for all your support and for taking time to write us a message, it means a lot to us.

God bless you all

The Gill family in Brazil

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Feburary Up-Date

Dear Supporters;
Hi and how are you all doing? We are settling in here in Contagem, MG and we have found a church to call home. We are getting set-up in our apartment, we have some of our furniture, and the kids have started school. Jullyanne is enjoying being back in a school with other kids, an the boys have started school too and they are liking it a lot. The kids have had to do some walking to get to school but we are going to look into bussing them as 2 km one way is a little much for them. It is up hill both ways. We are getting involved with the missions team at the church we are going to, and looking at opening a English school at the church for people that can not pay to go to English school as a way to do out reach. We had started a English Bible study as a way of teaching English but it has not started up again yet. We have a lot of things on the go but it takes time to start thing’s up. A few things to believe with us for are a car, more open doors, sponsorship so we can do what God as called us to do.
God bless;
International New Hope MinistryDuane Gill
PresidentPhone: (780) 800-8055

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Awesome Night With God

We had an awesome night with God!!! We went to a church about an hour out of Natal and Jeanne sang and I preached. It was awesome the way God works. We had the opportunity to pray with about 100 people or a little more. They normally have about 15 people on Tuesday night. Thank you Lord for what you are doing and going to do.

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Samuel Is HOME!!!

Praise God Samuel is home! we Serve an awesome God! He is back at the orphanage and some people are very surprise but all we have to say is our God is Faithful to those that believe.

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Went to pray for Samuel today. Believing he will be home tomorrow.

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